A Doula's Advice to New Moms


I first discovered Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow, on a podcast where she was speaking about working with slowness, ease and intention. 

I resonated so much with her message of honoring one’s calling through inner alignment and the gentleness of a nurturer. As a social entrepreneur and woman of color seeking to marry profit and impact, while resisting burnout and hustle culture, the mindful approach sparked an instant sense of kinship. 

Mama Glow not only trains doulas across the country, their foundation works to remove barriers to prenatal care to create a more inclusive health care system.

Latham would say her calling is to care for the caretakers.

Fast forward a few months, and Mama Glow became our launch partner. We debuted our first collection at their brand new Soft Space in Brooklyn, and my respect for Latham and her team’s work has only grown.

In honor of our partnership, I asked Latham if she would share three pieces of advice from a midwife, or doula, for new moms.

The following are her gems of wisdom...

  1. Build your Village: As a new parent, you need to have a community of people in your life who can support you. Connect with local moms groups, engage a doula, see a therapist, take a workout class. Your village is an essential part of caring for yourself and your child.

  2. Go at your own pace: You have just been through a major life transition, and your mental and physical health has changed. Give yourself space and time to heal and recover from your birthing journey and transition into this new phase of your life with ease and softness.

  3. Don’t suffer in silence: In the US, one in five pregnant or postpartum women are diagnosed with mood or anxiety disorder during the perinatal period.It’s ok to be struggling, and you are not meant to hold these feelings alone. There are lots of people in your life from family and friends to health care professionals who can help you in this stage of life. 

If you’d like to support Mama Glow and gift a special momma in your own life (or maybe even for yourself 😉), we’re offering 20% of all profits from our gift bundles to the Mama Glow Foundation and their efforts to create birth equity, throughout the summer.

And if you’re in NY, make sure to stop by the Soft Space for classes, workshops and support. You can also purchase one of our handmade pieces in person at the Soft Space boutique!

Together, we can create a world where caretakers are honored and supported.